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Update 8th October

Posted by RichardMartin on October 8, 2016

Egremont is now safe and within the inner dock at Sharpness. Apparently she had an uneventful trip from Salcombe to the dock although it was a bit “lumpy” going round Land’s End! I checked the ship over on arrival and could see nothing that had moved. Compliments to everyone who helped make her ready for sea. On Monday 10th she will actually go into the drydock and stay there until the end of November. First job will be to give her an ultra high pressure wash which will remove all the paint and rust to expose the bare metal. Then a holding primer will be quickly painted on to stop rust forming. After the primer has set, there will be an ultrasound survey of the whole ship including decks – this will show where all the weak points are. The results of the survey will then guide us as to where are the priority areas that need attention. So in 2 weeks time we should be in a position to complete the schedule of works and the real stabilisation process can begin. I will try to do an update every week and there will be an opportunity to come and help with some of the jobs that need doing on a Saturday towards the end of October – date and timing info to follow.

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