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Update 7th May 2018

Posted by RichardMartin on May 7, 2018

Update Spring 2018


Apologies for such a long time between updates. 2017 was mostly taken up with finding and securing funding for the project cost which grew significantly from the initial budget when the ship left for Sharpness in 2016. The current situation is that the project is now fully funded with plans for the work to restart on a “ ready to go” footing.


We are now waiting for Salcombe Harbour Board to consider the operating parameters for the ship when she returns. This is a surprising and totally unexpected delay given that Egremont has been in Salcombe for 40 years and the planned use of the ship is essentially no different than as has been over the years and was explained before Egremont let go her chains in October 2016. The main improvement will be that the ship will be busier, which it has to be to pay its way and survive, and will have a very carefully managed hospitality operation where substantial care will be taken to make sure that Egremont’s presence compliments Salcombe harbour as it always has done. Dinghy sailing for children is at the core of why this whole project is under way, whilst the other income generating activities support the ship’s cost and ensure that the sailing operations from the ship have a stable future.


In the meantime and with substantial help from the owner and local helpers, The Egremont Ferry Company (EFC) is about to start operating mv Rivermaid ferry and excursion services in Salcombe Harbour. This is part of the Egremont project with the plan being that she will be the main passenger ferry for the ship when she returns. We have had good news recently in that the ferry returned from Mashfords Yard, Plymouth, after her annual out of water works, successfully completed her running trials in Salcombe and has now been granted her full passenger certificate to carry approx. 100 passengers. Her three trainee boatmasters are now fully qualified to skipper her. Special thanks must go to the owner, the MCA, Salcombe Harbour Authority and local supporters for all their help in re-starting the ferry service which was in danger of disappearing from the harbour.


The Trust team are also very grateful for the ongoing support of those who signed up for the fund raising monthly draw- the money really does help with the costs of keeping going. Please join in if you are able to.


I will be in touch again with hopefully good news on the re-start of the Egremont project.


Richard Martin

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