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Update 5th November

Posted by RichardMartin on November 5, 2016

Egremont has been in dry dock for 3 weeks now and work is coming on well.
All of the outside steel and aluminium is back to bare metal and the grey
holding primer makes her look like a battleship, which of course she is! All
the work is focussed on her hull now and we hope she will be floated out of
drydock in 2 weeks time. She will then lie alongside whilst 'above the
waterline' work continues. Next working party - Sat 12 November - the main
job we need help with is taking off the superficial rust in the forward
bilge in readiness for painting with a rustproofing paint system called
Magnacote. Dirty work but it needs to be done. Please come and help if you
can - we need a minimum of 10 helpers to make relatively light work of it!
Overalls and stout shoes are a must bring. We will provide everything else
except food and drink. Meeting time is 1000 hrs at the dock gates. Please
ring me if you need help with directions. 07967597527097.jpg

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