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Update 4th January

Posted by RichardMartin on January 4, 2018

2017 was a difficult year for The Trust, Sharpness Dockyard, Island Cruising Club and the many supporters around the UK as we patiently waited for news of the time lines for the ship’s work at Sharpness to really get going. There is still only limited news in that the plan is delayed but still on track. We are now very close to starting the project for real and hopefully some very good news updates will be posted soon. In the meantime thank you to everyone who has been supportive and positive during the prolonged waiting period. 


Thank you also to the supporters who have been part of the monthly draw which continues to raise money towards the very necessary background costs that have been paid to insure the ship and pay for her mooring fees, etc.


Another big thank you must also go to members of the Island Cruising Club and local hauliers Nicholas Rowell Haulage who have helped tremendously in clearing the pontoon and foreshore.

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