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Update 20th May

Posted by RichardMartin on May 21, 2016

Firstly, please excuse the “ radio silence”!


Contrary to local press reports, Egremont has not left for Penzance yet! The whole project is gathering momentum with more funding appearing over the horizon than the trust expected. There are understandable delays which have been challenging in that we all worked so hard to get her ready to leave for refit in March. However the delays have been for good reason and the money to be spent on her will be far greater than we all first envisaged. We all do need to remember that if the funding group had not stepped forward then Egremont would now be no more. The ship has had her Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) survey and all is well for her to leave harbour when everything is in place and we are all ready. In fact only two weeks ago I heard good news that we will be granted a 6 month Load Line Exemption certificate – a must have document before Egremont can leave the harbour and proof that the ship is sound enough to go to sea and to sit happily on her moorings.

I hear rumours that the ship will leave the harbour and never return – these rumours have no basis in fact- I should know! The opposite is the case – many people have been waiting for firm indications of the level of funding to be pointed at Egremont and I am pleased to report that the Egremont Trust has very recently received written confirmation of funding in excess of £500,000 for the first stage refurbishment of the ship. The project team are now working on Egremont going for hull and superstructure stabilisation work in Penzance dry dock during week 2 September and returning to Salcombe at the end of October. Phase 2 of the project which aims to bring the ship’s interior up to a high standard will be completed over winter and in time for the ship to be fully operational by the spring of 2017. The plan to re-start the sailing centre for children is very much a part of the strategy and we are seriously working towards the new RYA training centre opening in time for the start of next season. I am now starting the process of seeking sponsors for new dinghies, rescue boats, passenger launches, buoyancy aids, dry suits, wet suits etc etc – please contact me if you know of a company that might like to be involved with this prestigious project and donate some equipment.

In the mean time we all need to stay positive and be patient please. There is a pressing need for more helpers so if you have a little time please let me know – there’s lots to do! I don’t just mean work on the ship, I mean help with organising the new sailing school, admin for the trust, PR and the list goes on – please step forward if you have some time to give to a charity that’s going places!

Another great way to support the Egremont Trust is to join the monthly Draw. For a minimum of £5.00 per month you will help fund the on-going costs of Egremont and stand a chance of winning a good first prize- it has now reached £62.00, with 10 prizes of smaller amounts. Please find instructions on board or on line on the Egremont Trust website. Many thanks to supporters who have already signed up for the draw, your support is really appreciated and has helped pay for electricity, mooring and insurance costs.


We also all need to focus on a simple reality – the Egremont Trust needs to stand on its own feet financially and to do this we need support. The trust has two objectives – one is to preserve the ship and the second is to provide a sailing school for children. I need to explain that the very welcome funding support does not mean that all the money the trust needs is now in place – far from it – we need money to get the sail training operation up and running, we need money to support sailing for disadvantaged children, we need money to support the trusts ambition to make Egremont a real hub in Salcombe for the benefit of everyone, ICC included.


Summer 2016 on board Egremont – Trust supporters will be very welcome to use Egremont this summer albeit mainly on Saturdays for this year. The ICC club bar on board will be open from 1700-1900 hrs from tomorrow Sat 21st May and only every other weekend through to the end of August. Please see the ICC website for launch times or please use a harbour taxi ( ring 07807643879)


I will be sending short updates more regularly during the summer and these will include details of BBQ’s and other impromptu events. If you have an idea for a good fun, profile raising event then please share it with us all.

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