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Update 20th March

Posted by RichardMartin on March 21, 2016

Thank you to everyone who has helped complete the recent five working parties needed to get Egremont ready for dry docking – all we have left to do is to get all the chains sorted and ready to let go- not an easy task! Thank you also to so many supporters who have helped and encouraged us to get this far.

 However, the planned departure date of this Tuesday has been put back to allow more time to integrate an additional funding offer ( which only came to light 6 days ago) for her phase 2 refit when she comes back to Salcombe. This is brilliant news and means that we may see “Eggy” have an even bigger and better interior upgrade. Altogether a positive postponement and this shouldn’t be seen as a setback or cause any doubts about the funding for the project.

 We are also waiting for Egremont to receive her important “tonnage” certificate which lapsed many years ago. The survey has been done and as far as I know there should be no problems other than the longer than expected time it takes for the paperwork to come through. Prior to the survey we have had quite an ordeal trying to find her original line drawings from when she was built in Dartmouth in 1951; these would have saved a lot of work but in the end never materialised. Dartmouth Museum, our marine surveyor Geoff Wilson and naval architect Bruce Sexton-Barrow have helped gather all the information needed- thank you to all. ( For info- not a wise move to store line drawings in a bin liner !) The Maritime and Coastguard Agency will carry out the loadline exemption certificate survey on 29th March which will give Egremont her essential certificate/ permission to go to Penzance and return to Salcombe.

 A thank you must also go to Salcombe Harbour Authority for accepting a change in the time lines for the ship’s departure and return during what will be a busier time of the year when the harbour is full of moored yachts.

 We must now take the unforeseen delays in our stride and let some weeks go by until I have more exciting news to share – which will be soon….





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