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Update 1st January 2017

Posted by RichardMartin on January 1, 2017

Egremont is lying peacefully alongside Sharpness inner dock waiting for the next stage in her refit. A big job looms in the replacement of all the steelwork that holds the windows on the main deck. Quite a task to step by step take out the windows and frames, cut away the old steelwork and replace with new steel and then refit the original windows. The job has to be done in small stages because the steelwork holds all the weight of the upper deck! At the same time planning / design work for the new upper deck accommodation is nearing completion, a complicated task which has to be done well to make sure that the finished cabins are fit for purpose and that the look of the deck compliments the look of the ship as a whole. She will also go back into dry dock soon for the final part of the hull works to be finished. 

Although the project is complex and time/money consuming, the end result is going to be exceptional. We have decided that the best place for all these works to be done has to be at Sharpness. The team at the yard are very skillfull and supportive of the project and I am sure will deliver the finished ship to a very high standard. This means we are not yet sure of the exact date of her return to Salcombe. We do know though that when she leaves Sharpness to come home, she will be operationally ‘ready for service’. 

2017 is going to be a stunning year with everyone achieving far more than ever thought possible. I looking forward to sharing the news with you and the growing number of people who are realising that something special is happening! 

Happy New Year!

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