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Update 15th October

Posted by RichardMartin on October 15, 2016

238.jpgEgremont went down onto  her blocks in dry-dock this week and hull cleaning is now well underway. After visiting Sharpness yesterday it is now clear that we need some help in moving stowed gear from one part of the ship to another to avoid everything getting plastered in dust and debris form internal cleaning and shot blasting. Next Saturday (22/10)will be our first volunteers/supporters working party/visitors day. If you have a little time to spare then please let me know by email ( richard.martin@egremonttrust.org.uk ), text or phone (07967597527). Working party meet time at the yard will be 1000 hrs and you must contact me before coming. Knocking off time will be when finished or at latest 1600 hrs.  There is no parking inside the dockyard but there is space for sensibly parked cars just outside the gates. Please bring your own food and drink if you will be with us over lunchtime.


If anyone would like to just come for a quick look to see whats going then please contact me. You are welcome to come for a brief look at the ship by arrangement between 1100 and 1400 hrs on Sat 22nd– for health and safety reasons there is no un-escorted entry allowed into the dockyard so I will meet you at the entry gates. Please ring me when you arrive and wait for me at the gates.


Please keep an eye on the trust’s website for more updates and photos.


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