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Update 9th October

Posted by RichardMartin on October 9, 2015

Dear all,

Just a brief update with more to follow now that I have an email database. Sorry it’s taken a while to get in touch, there aren’t many of us on the ground and everything takes that bit longer.

Firstly, thank you for registering your support. Your support makes all the difference and just goes to show how many people there are who want Egremont to have a future in Salcombe. If you can think of anyone who you think would like to get regular updates then please let me know.

All is well with Egremont at the moment. She is being looked after by a very small group of us who are local to Salcombe. Each week we run up the ship’s systems and all is well, especially the bar which hasn’t run dry yet. Although the evenings have pulled in now, we (Egremont Trust and Island Cruising Club) are meeting up onboard every late Saturday afternoon for a social chat/update and discussion about how things are going. Please join in if you are around.

The monthly draw to raise money for the ship’s operating costs ( moorings/insurance/ anodes/power etc) is up and running with the October draw being held on Sat 31st at 1730 hrs on board if the weather is ok! The draw income is very very important to help keep the ship going whilst we raise money for her future. If you haven’t joined yet then please click on the draw link on the home page of the Trusts’s websitewww.egremonttrust.org.uk and download the forms. If you don’t have a printer then please just send me an email with your postal address and I’ll send you the forms.

A little bit of good news – we are in discussions with a fund that would like to put a substantial amount of investment into Egremont for the benefit of everyone. This may mean that she will go for dry docking in Penzance in the spring. If she does then this will be the beginning of a refit programme that will run through to completion in time for her to be fully operational for the summer of 2017. She would be back in Salcombe for next summer with further work being done whilst she is on her moorings. More news to follow……

Best regards,

Richard Martin

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