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Update 2nd February

Posted by RichardMartin on February 1, 2016

February blues are often a worry but not for Egremont!

Egremont is now booked in to go to Penzance for a 45 day major works programme running from Easter through to mid May. Further details on the project will follow as soon as I have them to hand. In the meantime we need lots of help to prepare the ship for going to sea. With this in mind we will be having 4 working party days on the next 4 Saturdays ( 6th,13th,20th,27th ). Everyone + friends are invited to join in! ICC launch Duncan will be alongside Town Slip pontoon at Batson on each Saturday departing at 10.00 – if you can, please join in and be part of this exciting next chapter. There are all sorts of jobs both big and small –something for everyone. Please bring sandwiches – hot drinks will be on the go as and when needed. Please let me know your choices of date so we can be organised! 07967597527

Don’t worry if you live far away and can’t help in person, your support is every bit as important. Spreading the word and asking people to give their support too is a great way of helping.

All being well, Egremont will come home during the last week of May. The Trust, sponsors and the Island Cruising Club will be planning a welcome home party for Egremont and a provisional date of Saturday 28th May is in the diary. The ship will be in a bit of a state inside but then she was when she arrived in Salcombe in 1976 and we all had a cracking party then as we will again. There will be more working parties to put her back together again!

Money for Egremont Trust – the Trust needs to raise money to pay the ship’s bills for this year because she wont be fully operational and income earning until 2017. The target is £15,000. Please help if you can and make donations directly to Egremont Trust.

The monthly 50/50 draw for January was held last Saturday in the Victoria Inn with the winner taking home the princely sum of £56! All in a good cause and more money raised for the ship. Now that it really looks like we are saving Egremont, it really is time to move up a gear on the fundraising front. If you haven’t joined the draw then please do. The next draw will take place on Egremont on Saturday 27th Feb.

More news to follow…..

Thank you for your support.

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