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Update 28th August.

Posted by RichardMartin on September 5, 2016

Good news update- Egremont project is up and running - she leaves for Sharpness dry dock in 4 weeks time - weather permitting!

Thank you all for waiting patiently for news. From now on, during the build up to departure and the passage progress reports, please keep an eye on the link to my updates on the Trust website homepage.

Sharpness docks are at the top end of the Severn estuary between Bristol and Gloucester. A long tow from Salcombe!

We need some/ a lot of help if you can make it on either one or both of the next two Saturday’s.

Saturday 10th is the very last day that the bar as we know it on the upper deck will be open. The bar has been in existence since February 2000 and it would be great if a lot of us could be there to toast both Egremont a safe trip to docks and back and a thank you to the bar and its makers for many happy memories. ( For info - The bar will be demolished during the dry dock work and a new bar will be in a different location for 2017.)

Please let me know in good time if you are coming out to help get the ship ready or for a drink.

If you are a member of ICC then please see the club website for launch times, otherwise the Salcombe Harbour taxi service will be available, please ring me if you need help in organising a taxi.

Departure date for Egremont is planned for Tuesday 20 September on the evening tide but the weather could be a big factor so please keep an eye on the website.

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