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Update 4th July 2018

Posted by RichardMartin on July 05, 2018

Egremont’s return to Salcombe is now in doubt.

It with great sadness that I have to report news that the Egremont’s return to Salcombe is now very uncertain because the funders for the project do not have sufficient confidence that Salcombe Harbour Board (SHB)  will renew the ship’s annual mooring licence and that everything we propose to do is not welcome. They are not prepared to inject £2m into a 30 year life extension project if the ship is at risk of having no home now or at any point in the future.

The SHB recently wrote “The Harbour Board has a duty to ensure that it protects it and the Council from any avoidable risk and future liabilities”. The perceived risk is that the activities on the ship might be unacceptable, the operation may not comply with regulations or the operation might fail and the SHB would be left with the liability for disposal costs. Our plan for Egremont is essentially no different to what has been done on board for the last 40 years, it will just be busy like it used to be. We have to comply with all regulations as normal. We will give a financial bond to ensure there are funds available to move the ship if the operation fails.

Within reason there is nothing that the Egremont project team would not amend/change to ensure the operation of the ship fits alongside the objectives of the SHB and is a compliment to Salcombe. This co-operative and compliant approach seems to fall on deaf ears leaving everyone wondering why?

Why has this happened to an operation that has been moored in Salcombe for 40 years which now has/ had a fully funded business model to ensure its survival for the next 40 years and bring significant benefits to so many people and businesses being threatened with eviction from the harbour?


What is the business model?

Put simply it is to re-start the RYA residential sailing school for all children, especially those with special needs or from disadvantaged backgrounds, and to create a hospitality venue which will enhance the quality of the residential base and provide reliable revenue  to support the running of the ship in the future.

For the ship and the sailing operation to survive it needs to have additional revenue. The planned overall operation has been carefully scaled to be just big enough to generate the right level of income to deliver this.

All of the planned activities and uses for the ship are essentially no different to what has been happening aboard for decades. The ship used to cater for well over a hundred people every day in high season, had a weddings licence, provided B&B accommodation, had two bars etc etc.

The outcome of the plan will be the preservation of a registered national historic ship, the preservation of ICC, the re-starting of the very popular dinghy sailing operation, a restaurant and bar with upgraded en suite cabins on the upper deck.


Why have the funders lost confidence?


Background - The moorings in Salcombe Harbour are renewable annually and the Salcombe Harbour Board (SHB) can refuse to renew any moorings licence if they so choose. Everyone knows this but the point has been made so forcefully that it has become a big issue.


The funders of the project now firmly believe that the SHB intend to refuse the ship entry back to Salcombe Harbour no matter what we all do or say. With this lack of goodwill and negativity there can be no trust and therefore no confidence.


Nobody can understand why the goodwill of the funders and all the supporters is not being matched by goodwill and encouragement from SHB.


Current situation


The ship is lying alongside at Sharpness Dock, no major work has been done to her since November 2016. Sharpness Dockyard have done a lot of unpaid work on the hull and superstructure and are keeping the ship safe. Words can’t express how grateful we all are to the dockyard for their support  and their patience.


The project is now on the brink of collapse because the funding has been withdrawn. If no solution is found quickly then the ship is at grave risk of being scrapped, the charity will be dead and Salcombe will lose a unique opportunity for a very special venue.


In spite of a plea from the Trust, SHB have refused to change their attitude towards the project or give “a particular set of conditions under which Members (of the board) would be happy for the return of Egremont.” .


Everyone should be very clear that the real core of the problem is all to do with a lack of goodwill and encouragement for this project to succeed.


There is growing disquiet that the tremendous benefits of the return of Egremont will be lost forever. It appears that SHB can reach their own decisions on matters that significantly impact on literally thousands of people without any public consultation.


The funders have left the door open saying that if there is a genuine change of attitude towards this project and a preparedness to reach a workable way forward then they will happily restart discussions. Their wish is to help facilitate and fund a very worthwhile venture for the benefit of everyone.



Deadline - The SHB  meets on 16th July to formally decide on Egremont’s moorings  and therefore Egremont’s future, we have between now and then to do something.


What can be done to help prevent such a tragedy?


We need to find a way to change the conversation and bring all parties back to the table to discuss a secure way forward that will give the funding team the confidence to proceed. This will need a  willingness by SHB to recognise the exceptional nature and benefits of this project and to put their genuine support behind it.


The only way forward that we can think of is for all the Egremont supporters to contact either the Trust or Salcombe Harbour Board through the Salcombe Harbour Office and express your views in your own way.


A simple email to the Trust just expressing your support for Egremont’s return to Salcombe will in itself help.


As many people as possible need to know what’s at stake here so please pass the word and ask for help. If we lose this opportunity there will not be another way forward and Salcombe will lose Egremont for ever.


We want to encourage the SHB to look again at the project with an open mind. We all hope that Salcombe Harbour Board will do what is necessary to create the goodwill and support which will put this very special project back on track.



Update 7th May 2018

Posted by RichardMartin on May 07, 2018

Update Spring 2018


Apologies for such a long time between updates. 2017 was mostly taken up with finding and securing funding for the project cost which grew significantly from the initial budget when the ship left for Sharpness in 2016. The current situation is that the project is now fully funded with plans for the work to restart on a “ ready to go” footing.


We are now waiting for Salcombe Harbour Board to consider the operating parameters for the ship when she returns. This is a surprising and totally unexpected delay given that Egremont has been in Salcombe for 40 years and the planned use of the ship is essentially no different than as has been over the years and was explained before Egremont let go her chains in October 2016. The main improvement will be that the ship will be busier, which it has to be to pay its way and survive, and will have a very carefully managed hospitality operation where substantial care will be taken to make sure that Egremont’s presence compliments Salcombe harbour as it always has done. Dinghy sailing for children is at the core of why this whole project is under way, whilst the other income generating activities support the ship’s cost and ensure that the sailing operations from the ship have a stable future.


In the meantime and with substantial help from the owner and local helpers, The Egremont Ferry Company (EFC) is about to start operating mv Rivermaid ferry and excursion services in Salcombe Harbour. This is part of the Egremont project with the plan being that she will be the main passenger ferry for the ship when she returns. We have had good news recently in that the ferry returned from Mashfords Yard, Plymouth, after her annual out of water works, successfully completed her running trials in Salcombe and has now been granted her full passenger certificate to carry approx. 100 passengers. Her three trainee boatmasters are now fully qualified to skipper her. Special thanks must go to the owner, the MCA, Salcombe Harbour Authority and local supporters for all their help in re-starting the ferry service which was in danger of disappearing from the harbour.


The Trust team are also very grateful for the ongoing support of those who signed up for the fund raising monthly draw- the money really does help with the costs of keeping going. Please join in if you are able to.


I will be in touch again with hopefully good news on the re-start of the Egremont project.


Richard Martin

Update 4th January

Posted by RichardMartin on January 04, 2018

2017 was a difficult year for The Trust, Sharpness Dockyard, Island Cruising Club and the many supporters around the UK as we patiently waited for news of the time lines for the ship’s work at Sharpness to really get going. There is still only limited news in that the plan is delayed but still on track. We are now very close to starting the project for real and hopefully some very good news updates will be posted soon. In the meantime thank you to everyone who has been supportive and positive during the prolonged waiting period. 


Thank you also to the supporters who have been part of the monthly draw which continues to raise money towards the very necessary background costs that have been paid to insure the ship and pay for her mooring fees, etc.


Another big thank you must also go to members of the Island Cruising Club and local hauliers Nicholas Rowell Haulage who have helped tremendously in clearing the pontoon and foreshore.

Update 12th January 2017

Posted by RichardMartin on February 14, 2017

Egremont update 12/2/2017

Our logical decision to complete all major/important jobs at Sharpness rather than on the moorings at Salcombe has meant that work to Egremont has to be done at the busy dockyard in between other vessels and projects that were already booked in. Realistically this means that she will not be ready to leave dock in time to make the deadline of being back on her moorings by May when the harbour starts to get very busy. Salcombe Harbour Authority quite reasonably would prefer the ship to come back home either before the summer season or during week one/two October when the harbour won’t be so full.

The good news is she is definitely returning at the end of her life extension programme and when she arrives she should be in a fit state to operate for the next 30 years.

Although the delay makes life more difficult, we will be trying to restart the RYA sailing centre in time for non-residential dinghy sailing courses this July & August. We are looking for a suitable vessel that could lie alongside the pontoon to provide a base to work from this summer and then possibly become the main passenger launch and support boat for Egremont.  More news to follow.

If you know of anyone who is going to be in Salcombe during July/August and who might like to provisionally book their children in for a sailing course, please ask them to get in touch by emailing

Work on Egremont is moving ahead in preparation for the new steelwork and windows. The ships maindeck scuppers are all being replaced to put a stop to one of the reasons for corrosive rainwater ending up in the bilges. She will go back into drydock in the next few weeks for the remaining hull work to be finished.

There’s not much work we can help with onboard at the moment but there is quite a bit of help needed to clean up the foreshore inside Egremont’s moorings at Salcombe. Following on from the first clean-up last summer there is now a pressing need to remove a lot of old metal, rubbish and boats. We plan to do this work on one or two Saturdays, 4th and 11th March depending on the weather. Please get in touch if you are free to help.

Egremont lying outside the drydock waiting for her turn to go in for the second time.


Update 1st January 2017

Posted by RichardMartin on January 01, 2017

Egremont is lying peacefully alongside Sharpness inner dock waiting for the next stage in her refit. A big job looms in the replacement of all the steelwork that holds the windows on the main deck. Quite a task to step by step take out the windows and frames, cut away the old steelwork and replace with new steel and then refit the original windows. The job has to be done in small stages because the steelwork holds all the weight of the upper deck! At the same time planning / design work for the new upper deck accommodation is nearing completion, a complicated task which has to be done well to make sure that the finished cabins are fit for purpose and that the look of the deck compliments the look of the ship as a whole. She will also go back into dry dock soon for the final part of the hull works to be finished. 

Although the project is complex and time/money consuming, the end result is going to be exceptional. We have decided that the best place for all these works to be done has to be at Sharpness. The team at the yard are very skillfull and supportive of the project and I am sure will deliver the finished ship to a very high standard. This means we are not yet sure of the exact date of her return to Salcombe. We do know though that when she leaves Sharpness to come home, she will be operationally ‘ready for service’. 

2017 is going to be a stunning year with everyone achieving far more than ever thought possible. I looking forward to sharing the news with you and the growing number of people who are realising that something special is happening! 

Happy New Year!

Update 19th November

Posted by RichardMartin on November 19, 2016

The working party last Sat went really well-mission to prep the forward bilge for painting accomplished. Thank you to all who helped. Have another working day planned for next Sat 26/11 – mission to prep the lower aft bilge and take more fixtures and fittings off on the upper deck aft in preparation for removal of the whole accommodation block. Timings etc for meeting up will be the same as last week – 10.00 at the dock gates- please let me know if you are up for helping-07967597527. It is also ok to just come for a look on Saturday to see how things are going – just let me know. Although it will be sad to see the cabins go, the planned new ensuite cabins will be superb and make a stay on board much more comfortable in the future. All being well, Egremont will be floated out of dry dock on Friday to make way for other ships. Work will carry on whilst she lies alongside the dockyard. The Hamworthy treatment plant has been cut into pieces and is now off ship. There will be a new plant installed in the lower after bilge area which will deal with waste and pump clean water into the harbour – a big improvement! How much longer will Egremont be at Sharpness? We have decided that it will be much better and cost efficient for her to stay where she is until all the major work is done. I don’t think she will be ready until February at the earliest. More news to follow……..181116.JPG

Update 5th November

Posted by RichardMartin on November 05, 2016

Egremont has been in dry dock for 3 weeks now and work is coming on well.
All of the outside steel and aluminium is back to bare metal and the grey
holding primer makes her look like a battleship, which of course she is! All
the work is focussed on her hull now and we hope she will be floated out of
drydock in 2 weeks time. She will then lie alongside whilst 'above the
waterline' work continues. Next working party - Sat 12 November - the main
job we need help with is taking off the superficial rust in the forward
bilge in readiness for painting with a rustproofing paint system called
Magnacote. Dirty work but it needs to be done. Please come and help if you
can - we need a minimum of 10 helpers to make relatively light work of it!
Overalls and stout shoes are a must bring. We will provide everything else
except food and drink. Meeting time is 1000 hrs at the dock gates. Please
ring me if you need help with directions. 07967597527097.jpg

Update 15th October

Posted by RichardMartin on October 15, 2016

Update 8th October

Posted by RichardMartin on October 08, 2016

Egremont is now safe and within the inner dock at Sharpness. Apparently she had an uneventful trip from Salcombe to the dock although it was a bit “lumpy” going round Land’s End! I checked the ship over on arrival and could see nothing that had moved. Compliments to everyone who helped make her ready for sea. On Monday 10th she will actually go into the drydock and stay there until the end of November. First job will be to give her an ultra high pressure wash which will remove all the paint and rust to expose the bare metal. Then a holding primer will be quickly painted on to stop rust forming. After the primer has set, there will be an ultrasound survey of the whole ship including decks – this will show where all the weak points are. The results of the survey will then guide us as to where are the priority areas that need attention. So in 2 weeks time we should be in a position to complete the schedule of works and the real stabilisation process can begin. I will try to do an update every week and there will be an opportunity to come and help with some of the jobs that need doing on a Saturday towards the end of October – date and timing info to follow.

Update 2nd October

Posted by RichardMartin on October 02, 2016

Egremont Arrived at Sharpness this morning , And is now safely moored alongside awaiting dry docking.

Watch here for next news.


Update 1st October

Posted by RichardMartin on October 01, 2016

Egremont is scheduled to arrive at the entrance to Sharpness Docks at 0930 hrs high water on Sunday 02 October. There is a good viewing area to the west of the docks. Easiest access by road is by approaching Sharpness on the main road and turning left at the last mini-roundabout. Please remember that access to the dock area is controlled and only available by arrangement + high viz waistcoat/jacket+ hard hat + safety boots.

The plan is for the ship to be dry-docked on Monday and then 14 days of ultra high pressure cleaning to expose all the steelwork prior to a full ultrasound survey. Only after this has been done can decisions be taken about the schedule of works. Please watch this space for updates on how we ( volunteers) can help.

Update 29th September

Posted by RichardMartin on September 29, 2016

Update 27th September

Posted by RichardMartin on September 27, 2016

14522897_1183437445013146_1597632767034338014_n.jpgLatest Refit Update.
The Tug is here, Today Egremont passed all certification required to go. Now waiting for the next weather window and a second tug. For a planned departure on Thursday late afternoon on the tide.

Update 26th September

Posted by RichardMartin on September 26, 2016

Egremont Refit update.

There is a possibilty of a delay in Egremonts Departure tomorrow due to bad weather.

If you wish to follow progress once under tow , you can follow the tug at: OR

Which Seems to work better in Salcombe

And watch her arrival at Sharpness at:

We will try and keep you updated as soon as we have details.

Update 16th September

Posted by RichardMartin on September 16, 2016

The planned tow from Salcombe on Tuesday 21st has been delayed by a week because the tug company MTS could not get the tug of choice “MTS Indus” to Salcombe in time. We now have a firm commitment in writing that the tug will be on station in Salcombe for Monday 26th for a tow away from moorings weather permitting on the afternoon tide ( HW 1623) on the 27th. Please keep an eye on this website for further updates.

Update 28th August.

Posted by RichardMartin on September 05, 2016

Good news update- Egremont project is up and running - she leaves for Sharpness dry dock in 4 weeks time - weather permitting!

Thank you all for waiting patiently for news. From now on, during the build up to departure and the passage progress reports, please keep an eye on the link to my updates on the Trust website homepage.

Sharpness docks are at the top end of the Severn estuary between Bristol and Gloucester. A long tow from Salcombe!

We need some/ a lot of help if you can make it on either one or both of the next two Saturday’s.

Saturday 10th is the very last day that the bar as we know it on the upper deck will be open. The bar has been in existence since February 2000 and it would be great if a lot of us could be there to toast both Egremont a safe trip to docks and back and a thank you to the bar and its makers for many happy memories. ( For info - The bar will be demolished during the dry dock work and a new bar will be in a different location for 2017.)

Please let me know in good time if you are coming out to help get the ship ready or for a drink.

If you are a member of ICC then please see the club website for launch times, otherwise the Salcombe Harbour taxi service will be available, please ring me if you need help in organising a taxi.

Departure date for Egremont is planned for Tuesday 20 September on the evening tide but the weather could be a big factor so please keep an eye on the website.

Update 20th May

Posted by RichardMartin on May 21, 2016

Firstly, please excuse the “ radio silence”!


Contrary to local press reports, Egremont has not left for Penzance yet! The whole project is gathering momentum with more funding appearing over the horizon than the trust expected. There are understandable delays which have been challenging in that we all worked so hard to get her ready to leave for refit in March. However the delays have been for good reason and the money to be spent on her will be far greater than we all first envisaged. We all do need to remember that if the funding group had not stepped forward then Egremont would now be no more. The ship has had her Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) survey and all is well for her to leave harbour when everything is in place and we are all ready. In fact only two weeks ago I heard good news that we will be granted a 6 month Load Line Exemption certificate – a must have document before Egremont can leave the harbour and proof that the ship is sound enough to go to sea and to sit happily on her moorings.

I hear rumours that the ship will leave the harbour and never return – these rumours have no basis in fact- I should know! The opposite is the case – many people have been waiting for firm indications of the level of funding to be pointed at Egremont and I am pleased to report that the Egremont Trust has very recently received written confirmation of funding in excess of £500,000 for the first stage refurbishment of the ship. The project team are now working on Egremont going for hull and superstructure stabilisation work in Penzance dry dock during week 2 September and returning to Salcombe at the end of October. Phase 2 of the project which aims to bring the ship’s interior up to a high standard will be completed over winter and in time for the ship to be fully operational by the spring of 2017. The plan to re-start the sailing centre for children is very much a part of the strategy and we are seriously working towards the new RYA training centre opening in time for the start of next season. I am now starting the process of seeking sponsors for new dinghies, rescue boats, passenger launches, buoyancy aids, dry suits, wet suits etc etc – please contact me if you know of a company that might like to be involved with this prestigious project and donate some equipment.

In the mean time we all need to stay positive and be patient please. There is a pressing need for more helpers so if you have a little time please let me know – there’s lots to do! I don’t just mean work on the ship, I mean help with organising the new sailing school, admin for the trust, PR and the list goes on – please step forward if you have some time to give to a charity that’s going places!

Another great way to support the Egremont Trust is to join the monthly Draw. For a minimum of £5.00 per month you will help fund the on-going costs of Egremont and stand a chance of winning a good first prize- it has now reached £62.00, with 10 prizes of smaller amounts. Please find instructions on board or on line on the Egremont Trust website. Many thanks to supporters who have already signed up for the draw, your support is really appreciated and has helped pay for electricity, mooring and insurance costs.


We also all need to focus on a simple reality – the Egremont Trust needs to stand on its own feet financially and to do this we need support. The trust has two objectives – one is to preserve the ship and the second is to provide a sailing school for children. I need to explain that the very welcome funding support does not mean that all the money the trust needs is now in place – far from it – we need money to get the sail training operation up and running, we need money to support sailing for disadvantaged children, we need money to support the trusts ambition to make Egremont a real hub in Salcombe for the benefit of everyone, ICC included.


Summer 2016 on board Egremont – Trust supporters will be very welcome to use Egremont this summer albeit mainly on Saturdays for this year. The ICC club bar on board will be open from 1700-1900 hrs from tomorrow Sat 21st May and only every other weekend through to the end of August. Please see the ICC website for launch times or please use a harbour taxi ( ring 07807643879)


I will be sending short updates more regularly during the summer and these will include details of BBQ’s and other impromptu events. If you have an idea for a good fun, profile raising event then please share it with us all.

Update 20th March

Posted by RichardMartin on March 21, 2016

Thank you to everyone who has helped complete the recent five working parties needed to get Egremont ready for dry docking – all we have left to do is to get all the chains sorted and ready to let go- not an easy task! Thank you also to so many supporters who have helped and encouraged us to get this far.

 However, the planned departure date of this Tuesday has been put back to allow more time to integrate an additional funding offer ( which only came to light 6 days ago) for her phase 2 refit when she comes back to Salcombe. This is brilliant news and means that we may see “Eggy” have an even bigger and better interior upgrade. Altogether a positive postponement and this shouldn’t be seen as a setback or cause any doubts about the funding for the project.

 We are also waiting for Egremont to receive her important “tonnage” certificate which lapsed many years ago. The survey has been done and as far as I know there should be no problems other than the longer than expected time it takes for the paperwork to come through. Prior to the survey we have had quite an ordeal trying to find her original line drawings from when she was built in Dartmouth in 1951; these would have saved a lot of work but in the end never materialised. Dartmouth Museum, our marine surveyor Geoff Wilson and naval architect Bruce Sexton-Barrow have helped gather all the information needed- thank you to all. ( For info- not a wise move to store line drawings in a bin liner !) The Maritime and Coastguard Agency will carry out the loadline exemption certificate survey on 29th March which will give Egremont her essential certificate/ permission to go to Penzance and return to Salcombe.

 A thank you must also go to Salcombe Harbour Authority for accepting a change in the time lines for the ship’s departure and return during what will be a busier time of the year when the harbour is full of moored yachts.

 We must now take the unforeseen delays in our stride and let some weeks go by until I have more exciting news to share – which will be soon….





Update 2nd February

Posted by RichardMartin on February 01, 2016

February blues are often a worry but not for Egremont!

Egremont is now booked in to go to Penzance for a 45 day major works programme running from Easter through to mid May. Further details on the project will follow as soon as I have them to hand. In the meantime we need lots of help to prepare the ship for going to sea. With this in mind we will be having 4 working party days on the next 4 Saturdays ( 6th,13th,20th,27th ). Everyone + friends are invited to join in! ICC launch Duncan will be alongside Town Slip pontoon at Batson on each Saturday departing at 10.00 – if you can, please join in and be part of this exciting next chapter. There are all sorts of jobs both big and small –something for everyone. Please bring sandwiches – hot drinks will be on the go as and when needed. Please let me know your choices of date so we can be organised! 07967597527

Don’t worry if you live far away and can’t help in person, your support is every bit as important. Spreading the word and asking people to give their support too is a great way of helping.

All being well, Egremont will come home during the last week of May. The Trust, sponsors and the Island Cruising Club will be planning a welcome home party for Egremont and a provisional date of Saturday 28th May is in the diary. The ship will be in a bit of a state inside but then she was when she arrived in Salcombe in 1976 and we all had a cracking party then as we will again. There will be more working parties to put her back together again!

Money for Egremont Trust – the Trust needs to raise money to pay the ship’s bills for this year because she wont be fully operational and income earning until 2017. The target is £15,000. Please help if you can and make donations directly to Egremont Trust.

The monthly 50/50 draw for January was held last Saturday in the Victoria Inn with the winner taking home the princely sum of £56! All in a good cause and more money raised for the ship. Now that it really looks like we are saving Egremont, it really is time to move up a gear on the fundraising front. If you haven’t joined the draw then please do. The next draw will take place on Egremont on Saturday 27th Feb.

More news to follow…..

Thank you for your support.

Update 31st December

Posted by RichardMartin on December 31, 2015

Dear All,

The December supporters monthly draw took place recently and CW from Ivybridge won first prize of £53.00 . Just as importantly, this month’s draw also raised £132.50 towards the ship’s costs. Thank you to everyone helping with this fund raiser. If you haven’t signed up then please do asap – we need all the financial help you can give. Draw forms are found by following a link on the home page of the website. Please email me if you need the forms printing off and posting to you.

2015 comes to a close with many of us heaving a sigh of relief! That said we finish the year on a bit of a high and look forward to an exciting 2016.

It very much looks like Egremont is here to stay –good news for thousands of children, good news for Salcombe and good news for all Egremont supporters and wellwishers. The senior team from Penzance dockyard came to see Egremont three weeks ago to check/update the specifications for the ship’s drydocking next spring. There were no surprises and overall they believe that the 45 day “Stabilisation Project” at the yard will make a significant improvement to the ship and return her to Salcombe in sound condition for many years to come. Although all the financial arrangements for the whole Egremont project are not signed off yet, I have no reason to think they will not be in due course. This is very good news with more to follow.

The Egremont Trust needs financial support from everyone who wants to see the ship stay in the harbour. The funding of the ship to go to drydock does not mean that there is no need for anyone to do anything more – the ship will not be fully operational and income earning until 2017 and the 2016 running costs need to be funded – please help if you can.

Preparations for Egremont to go to sea – there is quite a lot of work to be done and I will send out a programme of working party dates early in the New Year.

Thanks as always for your support.

Best wishes for an enjoyable and achieving 2016


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