Coming to Salcombe

In 1975 the Island Cruising Club was operated from the vessels Kiwi & Westward.  Around this time it was agreed that they needed to be replaced and a larger vessel was sought.

The Secretary reported that on the recommendation of Mr Tony McGinnity, Steel Ship Surveyor to the Maritime Trust, he and the Dinghy Master had visited Liverpool to inspect the Mersey ferry, ‘Egremont’.  They had been given great assistance by member, Mr Mike Allsop, who works in the shipping world in Liverpool. In the opinion of the Secretary and the Dinghy Master, ‘Egremont’ was the best ship they had seen and ideal for Club purposes. She had plenty of scope for conversion and possible expansion.

She was a simple ship and would not cost much more than Kiwi and Westward to run. Outline planning permission had already been obtained for a replacement ship and it was thought that there would be no difficulty in obtaining full permission.  It was resolved that the Steering Committee be authorised to open up lines of approach with a view to making a bid for ‘Egremont’. The local authorities should be approached concerning planning permission. Advice should be taken from experts on the appropriate figure at which to start the bidding and the negotiators should be authorised to go up to £25,000. It has been reported that a bid of £25,000 subject survey has been accepted.

In early 1976, work to prepare Egremont for new life in Salcombe started.  Removal of engines, propellers, shafts, rudders, stearing gear, blanking off the redundant water intakes etc to make her water tight.

The lower deck cafeteria area was converted into accommodation and work on engine room was not completed until 1977. There was accommodation for 16 staff in the lower aft, a generator fitted as well as the ship being rewired and plumbing.


The middle deck. Galley, food storage, washing up area, dining room for 60+ and lecture area.

Top deck. Accommodation added.

On completion Egremont had beds for 80+

Total cost £90,000.

First season 1977.


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