About Egremont

The keels of Egremont & her sistership Leesowe laid in dual ceremony in October 1950. Leesowe was completed first and left Dartmouth for Liverpool on 17th November 1951.


Egremont launched 10th December 1951.


On sea trials on 27th March Egremont achieved 13.38 knots compared to Leesowe’s 14.12 knots, this was not surprising as the sea was rough with 10 feet waves.

Power was provided by twin Crossley 8 cylinder oil burning engines providing 615 BHP each, full rpm 370. Each engine was direct drive and reversing with no clutch or gearboxes. The captain had control of main engine speed but the engineers controlled engine movements by responding to telegraph signals from The Bridge. Engine movements were by stopping and injecting compressed air into the cylinders to run engines in reverse.  The starboard propeller was altered to be one inch less in diameter than the port to match engines performance.

Cost of build £144,500 (profit £2,012).

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